19 Things I Accomplished in 2019

IMG_1180-2As we are down to our last days of 2019, a lot of us are reflecting and setting goals for the upcoming year. This tends to be both a somber and exciting time of the year for me. Every year I find myself feeling unaccomplished in one way or another and this year is no different. However, I have made so many accomplishments that I do not give myself enough credit for because I am so focused on what is left on my to-do list. Instead of doing the traditional “19 Lessons I Learned in 2019”, I decided to make a post dedicated to my accomplishments because I have been extremely ungrateful this year and have not been looking at the bigger picture. We all owe it to ourselves to celebrate our wins instead of letting the loses and shortcomings take the shine. Let’s get into it!


  1. I received my very first fashion internship.
  2. I pulled myself out of a deep depression the first few months of the year.
  3. I left a toxic workplace and moved up a step in my retail career.
  4. I had the opportunity to be promoted just 5 months into starting my new job.
  5. I made new friends (I’m very introverted so this is a huge accomplishment for me).
  6. I explored and went to grad school in my favorite city.
  7. I obtained  my Master’s degree in Fashion Marketing. I now have 2 degrees at age 23 (Black Girl Magic).
  8. I received my first brand partnership with Fabletics. IMG_1363-2
  9. I started investing in myself and my brand (financially and mentally).
  10. I put my mental health before all else.
  11. I learned to speak up for myself and found my voice.
  12. I became passionate about branding thanks to grad school curriculum.
  13. I’m more strategic when it comes to my shopping habits- I spend my coins a little more wisely.
  14. I’ve officially made money from my blog!
  15. I re-discovered my love for photography and now have an entire portfolio.
  16. I lost 10+ pounds just by changing my eating habits (Next I’ll tackle working out!).
  17. Instead of binge-watching Netflix, I have dedicated my spare time to doing research and taking steps to building my brand(s).
  18. I evolved my content and the quality of it (Quality over Quantity).
  19. In April, I had a bad mental breakdown and made a promise to myself that it would be my last one and I will stop allowing the A-word to consume me. I haven’t had one ever since.


Now it’s your turn to look in the mirror and give yourself the credit you deserve.


Ashley S. Baylor



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Ashley S. Baylor is a Digital Content Creator who aims to inspire others through her affordable style and authentic lifestyle. Welcome to her creative space, where all the magic happens.

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