Fashionably Fit

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Who says you can’t be stylish and workout at the same time? This athletic look is entirely from Victoria’s Secret. I know I usually stay on the low budget end for my everyday looks, but since I work there and wore this to work to advertise our athletic wear, I decided to include it. The comfy black high-waisted sports leggings are called the “Knockout Leggings”. I love how opaque they are and how nicely they fit. I love the length of them the most-it is usually difficult for me to find leggings and pants long enough for my legs. The highlight yellow and gray strappy sports bra is called the “Lightweight” sports bra. Although it has no underwire, it is still extremely supportive and fashionable. The straps on the bra show at the top of the tank, which is a fun and stylish detail. The t-shirt is from the “Pink” collection, and I HAD to buy it. Pink has a variety of workout tanks with different phrases. My sneakers are from the Nike Outlet, so I got them on sale. I love how the colors pop due to the mostly black look. If you are usually afraid of wearing bright colors, colorblocking is the perfect technique to make it fun and less overwhelming.  If you are a person who is obsessed with all black outfits, add small doses of color to give it more edge. All black is perfect for working out because it slims your silhouette, giving you a more elongated shape. This is great if you stay away from tight clothing or athletic wear because you feel it shows off too much of your body; wear a long loose-fitting tank that covers your bottom area. The looseness of the shirt and high-waisted waistband of the leggings conceal the tummy area. I personally love high-waisted leggings because they cover my love handles. Ladies, we all have insecurities,  especially about our physical appearance. But, don’t let that prevent you from stepping out of you comfort zone and finding clothes that work best with your body type. Don’t be discouraged; we all come in different shapes and sizes, and that is the true beauty of us.



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