Little Black Dress With A Little Denim


Every fashionista owns one or more little black dresses. For the simple everyday ones, I usually style them by tying a shirt around my waist to add a pop of color or print. This day, I chose to use an oversized denim button-down and matched it with my new favorite choker. Only using the shirt without the choker would have been stylish as well, but adding the choker introduces a bit of color blocking. Or should I say denim-blocking? I love this choker because the criss-cross design of the chains is so edgy and unique. I pulled my favorite Adidas out for this look- I just couldn’t resist! The fun thing about this look is that it can be manipulated in so many ways. Any pair of sneakers would go perfect with a t-shirt dress like this. If you are in a rush and are struggling to find an outfit, resort to a simple black dress and style it to your liking.

Get the look:

T-shirt dress: Ross ($7.99)

Denim Choker: Forever 21 ($8.99)

Denim Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory ($16)




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