Pop of Floral


It is very rare to see me wearing prints, especially floral. However, I’ve learned that having one print to be a statement piece in a look makes such a big difference! I wore a mock neck floral embossed shirt with a pair of medium wash jeans. Instead of wearing black and color-blocking black and white as I always do, I decided to wear blue jeans to add more color. I pulled these floral printed platforms out of my closet for the first time in years and loved them! Not only were they a great complement to the look, they were also extremely comfortable. I wore a black belt, which worked well to match my clutch as well as bring out the black leather trim in my platforms. Lastly, I wore my HIxND Opticals (a local brand in Trenton, NJ), which I love because of their futuristic and high end look, just as the name suggests. They added so much chicness and boldness to this look. For those who feel conformed to only wearing neutrals, try adding a pop of color or print here and there and you will feel your look is more sophisticated and less simplistic!

Get the look:

Floral embossed shirt: Forever 21

Floral Print Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Jeans: H&M ($10)

Shades: HIxND Opticals ($25)



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