Cold Shoulders in the Summertime

IMG_9729IMG_9730IMG_9310 (1)IMG_9725


If you are active on social media, you’ve seen off-the-shoulder shirts everywhere this summer! It is a trend that will never die. When going through my clothes, I came across this shirt I bought last summer. It is very rare that I wear non-neutral colors, but I loved this cropped flounce top as well as the bold floral print. The off-the-shoulder trend is perfect for date night or any occasion where you want to feel flirty and feminine. The floral print gives this outfit a romantic look, in addition to the flowy silhouette. I styled it with high-waisted jeans of course…my go-to for any occasion! If you are insecure about your tummy, wear a high-waisted bottom to conceal it. I actually prefer a peek-a-boo tummy rather than the entire thing being exposed. For a less casual look, I wore my basic tan heels and a lace choker.

Get the look:

Top: Forever 21

High-waisted Jeans: Forever 21 Plus

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