Denim on Denim…on Denim


Shopping is by far my favorite hobby besides blogging! Shopping can be tiring at times so I like to be comfy, especially when it involves a lot of walking. I went to Philly to go makeup shopping for a much needed girls day. Since I took the train and knew I would be cold, I wanted to wear my denim jacket. I realized these jeans were the same wash as the jacket, so I did a denim on denim look. As if denim on denim wasn’t enough, I also wore a plain denim choker to match. For my top, I wore this ribbed knit shirt, which I love! It is so simple, yet it adds texture and color to the look. I wore sneakers like always, which happened to be my Adidas. In case you’re wondering what’s in the bag, the glasses I am wearing were in it and the colors of the bag matched my sneakers, so of course it had to be an accessory in my photos! This look is perfect for when it is warm during the day and chilly at night.



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