Minimalism: Styling an Oversized White Tee


Sometimes I find myself having trouble finding outfits. It is very rare that I give up, but when I do I resort to this simple look. You can NEVER go wrong with an oversized tee and ripped jeans. They are the perfect combo! You can dress this look up with a simple pair of heels or sneakers. I wore my Vans because I wanted to wear shoes that would match my favorite black tote. To jazz it up a bit, tuck half of it in or tie it in a knot. of course, a choker is essential, especially when wearing an oversized tee. I chose a thick lace choker so that I would not feel too dressed down and so that it could stand out. This look is perfect for school when you don’t feel like getting dressed, but you also don’t want to wear sweats.


Get the Look:

Oversized Tee: Lemonpop ($5)

Ripped Jeans: Lemonpop ($10)

Lace Choker: Lemonpop ($1.99)


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