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Ever had to get dressed in 10 minutes or less? Here’s my tips on how to do so successfully! It was early in the morning and my hair was a mess because I didn’t twist it the night before! I did my cousin’s makeup and styled her for a photoshoot, and she asked me to join her. Of course I didn’t want to give up the opportunity to practice being a fashion stylist and being behind the scenes! My #1 go-to on a bad hair day is a head wrap. This is actually a long piece of a stretchy lightweight knit fabric that I had and cut into a rectangle. I love the graphic print on it and the black and white go well with any outfit. I decided to do a denim on denim look, opposed to an all black one, which you guys know is my absolute fave! Denim on denim can be styled the same exact way as an all black look- of course I decided to do some color-blocking. I wore my camel coat and paired it with my camel booties to stick to a lighter, more lively look. I woke up with a pretty bad headache, so I grabbed sunglasses on my way out the door, which turned out to turn this look up a notch, especially because I did not have time to do my own makeup. Luckily, I had hoop earrings and one of my favorite lipsticks in my purse! I ended up loving this look because the head wrap is so graphic, while everything else is subtle. It also looks like I took the time out to prepare this look when I didn’t. Always start with basics and then add to them. A thrown together look doesn’t have to look thrown together if you are strategic about how you style it!

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