Blending in or Standing Out

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Hi everyone! I cannot believe this is my last semester in college! On the first day of classes, I wanted to be comfortable, but still try to push myself out of my comfort zone by wearing color. I wore my new pull over from Victoria’s Secret Pink. I fell in love with this top immediately because of its bold color and the contrasting black mesh and large scale font. While I love the color, I wanted to tone it down a little more without wearing a black coat to overshadow it, so I wore more color! Camo print has been in all last year and it is still trendy now. It is a classic and a must-have print in your wardrobe! I love olive green, but I am attracted to camo even more! You can wear it with literally anything and it will complement it, as well as add a “high-streetstyle” vibe to your look. You are likely to find one at your local thrift store- I got mine from the men’s collection of A&F. For bottoms, I wore these black leggings I also bought from Victoria’s Pink (this past summer), that have a ridging detail on the knees. You should be able to find similar leggings at any major retailer. They have a moto-like aesthetic that I loved paired with the camo jacket. Lastly, I wore my Vans because- lets face it, they were the perfect match for this look. If you struggle to step out of your comfort zone or are terriefied by color, but will like to elevate your style, add bold colors that stand out and style them with more subdued colors, while using black as a back up option to pair with it.

2 thoughts on “Blending in or Standing Out

  1. Great read! I struggle with color as well most of the times I’m always wearing black. I think it’s because I worked at Macy’s lol. I always TRY to wear color but always ending up changing my clothes to dark colors. I see myself wearing color in makeup! Gotta start somewhere right? Lol The camo jacket is a great idea it really made your outfit pop out even more!!!

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