Shades of Gray


Hey loves! Welcome back or welcome if this is your first time reading my blog! As a fashion design major, I often struggle to find an outfit that is stylish, yet comfortable at the same time. Well, the day has come that I’ve found a happy medium! I wore a super comfy turtleneck sweater with black leggings that have mesh panels inserted. For shoes, I wore these Air Max Theas, which happen to have a little pop of color in them. Lastly, I wore this oversized coat and infinity scarf to add some color blocking- you guys know how much I love to color block! I was comfortable and warm all day. Now, my goal is to still push myself to wear more color, but my wardrobe has to change a lot in order for that to happen. Hopefully, it will be happening sooner than later! As for now, I am working with the pieces that I currently have and pairing them with some newer pieces. Change can be gradual- we often rush process and try to attain what’s at the end. I am learning that my wardrobe and personal style cannot change overnight and it is a constant work in progress.

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