Grammys Worst Dressed: Pink


Pink appeared on the Grammys red carpet in a Armani Privé dress, or should I say nest?  While there may have been a great amount of hours put into this dress, it does not look haute couture.  It reads more like a Sweet 16 dress that you would find stuffed at the end of the clearance rack in a department store. The excessive amount of feathers are bulky and they make this gown look cheap. The silhouette makes Pink’s torso appear to be shorter than it actually is, and the fact that you cannot see her feet makes the proportion of the dress awful. Had this dress been all black, it may be more appealing and flattering- these colors seem a bit juvenile. On top of the feathers, the wide black belt is not helping the look either. It is being consumed by the large feathers, which makes it look like the dress is even more of a mess than it already is. This to me looks like a DIY craft project gone wrong!

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