NYFW Fall 2018: Duro Olowu


Duro Olowu is the definition of who I want to be as a designer. He is the King of mixing and matching prints and can do no wrong in my eyes. Olowu’s Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection was inspired by singer, Pauline Black, whose music is a mix of the genres ska and punk. This collection definitely has rhythm and evokes energy! His silhouettes are so crisp and clean, which is the perfect complement to his bold use of prints and colors. The boxy A-line shapes remind me of my favorite decade, the 60s, which was all about fun. There is a certain level of sophistication and maturity, yet playfulness and youthfulness that Olowu is able to master and balance every single time he designs. These looks are artwork that I could never get tired of looking at. The way he is able to use so many prints and have them all be so cohesive is what makes him stand out as a designer. Job well done, yet again, Olowu.

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