Styling a $10 Blazer and $6 Shoes

Styling a $10 Blazer and $6 Shoes

Fashion is about style, not brand. If you follow my blog you know I live by that quote, and whoever said it first is a genius.


Everyone who knows me knows that I cannot resist a good sale! Forever 21 had a great sale Memorial Day weekend- 50% off of the sale price! It is by far my favorite sale to shop every year because you cannot beat a sale like that. I found this striped blazer for $10 and these shoes for $6! You would never think by looking at these photos that my clothes were that inexpensive. A common misconception people tend to have is that if it is cheap to buy, the quality is also cheap. While this may be true in some cases, I’ve never had an issue with my pieces from Forever 21 not lasting. I think Forever 21 very on-trend on a low budget, which makes us the perfect pair. This oversized t-shirt is also from there, and I bought it a few years ago for just $12 full priced. I decided to wear a t-shirt and ripped jeans with a blazer and pointy-toe pumps because I loved the juxtaposition. You usually think business attire when you see a blazer with pumps, and I wanted to switch it up and not be so predictable. The graphic white letters on this tee and the white pinstripes on the blazer mesh so well, while adding another dimension to what could be a very plain look otherwise. Match back a nice blazer with your favorite pair of jeans for a put-together casual look.





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