In with the Baroque Print

Facetune_21-07-2018-22-34-19 2IMG_0162Facetune_21-07-2018-23-27-31IMG_0154

There is something so classic about vintage fashion that will never fade. History repeats itself, especially in fashion and I am here for it! Baroque prints are another staple this season and you’re not just seeing them used by high-end designers, such as Versace and Dolce & Gabbana anymore. I love the timeless essence of the baroque print, as well as the the intricate details and individuality of each print. Oversized button downs have become a collection in my wardrobe because they are so versatile. I wore this one shirt 3 different ways: tied in the front, down and open, and around my waist! Button downs are the perfect layering piece to a look, especially when visiting a city such as New York, where it can get windy on and off throughout the day. I wore a nude mesh bodysuit underneath with ripped skinny jeans. It is rare that I wear jewelry, but I wanted to add to the vintage feel of the baroque shirt, so I wore a gold chain necklace and watch, with sunnies to match. I also wore my new favorite belt that has a gold buckle with 2 circles- very modern. Lastly, I wore a pair of tan and black faux snakeskin sandals to match my faux snakeskin purse. Stylish, comfy, and versatile.


Baroque Print Shirt: $19.99


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