Moroccan Escape

Moroccan Escape is based on a fantasy vacation in the beautiful Morocco. It is inspired by the intricate details, such as mosaics and medallion motifs that are an essential aspect of traditional Moroccan architecture. Moroccan architecture is influenced by Islam, in which symbols are used instead of worship figures. Unique prints are created from these symbols and they are translated through the prints in the collection. The cool blues and warm tan color palette are reminiscent of the sandy beaches, where you can get a breath of fresh crisp air.  

Collection Professional Pics 11Collection Professional Pics 26Collection Professional Pics 31Collection Professional Pics 38Collection Professional Pics 56Collection Professional Pics 63

This collection is not only designed for the travelista who travels around the world. It is for every woman who sees herself traveling, learning about other cultures, and being influenced by them. It is a mental escape, every young woman’s dream. She is in her mid 20s to late 30s. Her dream job is to get paid for doing what she loves, to travel. The dreamer, the lifestyle and fashion blogger, the travelista can escape the routines of her daily life. Her style is mature for her age and she loves mixing and matching prints. Her personal style stems from multicultural art forms.


Designer:  Ashley S. Baylor

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