Minimal Chic

When you hear the words “minimalism” and “minimal”, you often think of the colors black and white. In fashion I see minimalism as simple silhouettes and basic color blocking. Going to graduate school orientation in New York, my goal was to be comfortable, yet fashionable.


I fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on these culottes with bold stripes on the side seam. They scream “street style” and I knew they would be perfect for color blocking. The contrast of the black and white in my classic platform vans and the culottes inspired me to color block even more, which I did by wearing a ribbed mock-neck white bodysuit and a black denim jacket. The yellow stripe on the culottes was an added bonus and modern touch to this look. As a part of experimenting with my personal style, I want to explore more shapes and silhouettes that complement my body shape in addition to wearing more prints and colors. This look was a great start. Stay tuned for more style exploration and my fashion journey!




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