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Peace of Mind: The Key to being Happy

Recently, my mental health has not been the best and in order to get myself back on track, I have made a huge effort to find my peace, my happy place. If you are like me and are not at peace mentally, it is still imperative that you protect the little peace you do have, so that you are able to do the same when you reach your ultimate happy place. Protecting your peace can sometimes feel like your are being selfish or standoffish to your support system, and if taken to the extreme it can cause isolation.  Like anything in life, balance is key. You must determine what measures are the most appropriate to take, depending on the situation at hand. Here are some ways I have been able to dedicate more time to achieving mental peace:

  1. Reduce time spent on social media. While I love social media, it can sometimes be a distraction from reality and can ultimately cause you to be unhappy if your are comparing your life to others.
  2. Practice self-care. Whether it is applying a face mask or going to your favorite workout class, find self-care techniques to help you relax.
  3. Do more of what makes you happy. This tip may seem obvious, but if you really take a minute to self-reflect, you will realize how little time you probably spend doing your favorite things . I stopped blogging for a month, and honestly that did more harm than good because blogging is my outlet.
  4. If something is bothering you, find a release. This can be difficult, especially if it involves having a conversation or opening up to someone. Trust me, you will feel like a weight has been lifting off of your shoulders afterwards. With that being said:
  5. Forgive and move on. Forgiveness is not easy, but it allows us to be at peace once we achieve it. If you are not at peace after forgiving, you have not fully forgiven that person and that is okay. Hold yourself accountable and make a vow to forgive them at some point so that you can be at total peace with the situation.



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