How Social Media Impacted My Decision To Further My Education

I always had a feeling that I would want to pursue more than just a bachelor’s degree. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stopping school once you obtain a Bachelor’s. In fact, I told myself that if I were offered a job post-graduation, I would hold off on continuing my education and going for my Master’s. I am a firm believer in the quote “Everything happens for a reason”.  Life post-graduation is no walk in the park, so I was confident in my decision to apply to grad schools and mentally prepare myself for it, especially after realizing that getting a job is harder than I ever thought. When I took a fashion journalism course last semester, I KNEW I found my niche. It came natural to me and after speaking to my professor who was a great supporter of my writing, I KNEW I wanted to pursue a career in fashion media. Starting my blog in 2015 and falling in love with the process and seeing blogging transform from a hobby to a passion were my main sources of motivation. I KNEW that I somehow had to make a transition from fashion design to a specialty that was more media-oriented.

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