5 Black-Owned Brands I Use Daily

A hot topic right now is Black-owned brands and businesses and I am here for this movement! There are 5 brands I have been using within the past year that I absolutely love and decided to share. As a Black woman and someone who is passionate about branding, I love…

My Decision to take Medication for my Anxiety

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, I felt it necessary to share a mental health update that I have been conflicted on sharing. I am not a healthcare professional nor do I want to sway anyone into taking medication. I simply want to share what prompted me…

How to keep Busy while Social Distancing

First and foremost, my heart goes out to those who are physically, emotionally and financially affected during this time. Like some people, I will spend the next few weeks in the comfort of my home, which has made me think about ways that I should avoid going stir crazy. Tips:…

Social Media Anxiety as a Content Creator

Near the end of last year, I took a break from social media as I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety from it. I did not understand where it was coming from initially, as I love social media and it is something I have become passionate about. While reflecting…

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Ashley S. Baylor is a Digital Content Creator who aims to inspire others through her affordable style and authentic lifestyle. Welcome to her creative space, where all the magic happens.

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