How to Revamp Your Style Without Spending Any Money

Sometimes, we grow bored with our wardrobe or struggle to find a personal style. If you believe you don’t have a personal style, you’re wrong! Everyone has a style and you’d be surprised by how many pieces you can mix and match in your wardrobe. We often feel like we need to buy a new outfit for every event or occasion, when we have it sitting right in our closet.

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Moroccan Escape

Moroccan Escape is based on a fantasy vacation in the beautiful Morocco. It is inspired by the intricate details, such as mosaics and medallion motifs that are an essential aspect of traditional Moroccan architecture. Moroccan architecture is influenced by Islam, in which symbols are used instead of worship figures. Unique prints are created from these symbols and they are translated through the prints in the collection. The cool blues and warm tan color palette are reminiscent of the sandy beaches, where you can get a breath of fresh crisp air.  

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Indigenous Australians, also known as the Aboriginals, used cave painting as a way to tell stories about their ancestors. Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world and how all things came to be and it is the name for this collection. It is inspired by ancient Australian cave art made by the Aboriginals and contemporary Aboriginal art, which uses a lot of bold, saturated colors in contrast with the ochre and Earth tones used in the cave paintings.

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