City Chic Meets Cowgirl Chic

IMG_2830A recent trip to Dallas inspired me to push the boundaries of my personal style. I’ve never owned a pair of western boots, but I was obsessed with these from the moment I laid eyes on them.


My wardrobe has been consumed by the snakeskin print trend so it was a no-brainer that these boots would be added to my collection. I lucked up and found the perfect hat to match. You can’t go for a western chic look without a hat to top it off (pun intended).

If you have been keeping up with me for some time you know that color blocking is one of my style signatures. As if the sweater didn’t get that across, I also used my boots, belt bag and hat to add some contrast to this look. This is a great example of how neutrals don’t have to be boring and you can make them fun! The easiest way to elevate a simple look is to add prints where you can and to play around with some textures. As I’ve been trying to revamp and really define my personal style, I find myself going back to the basic things I love and building from that point. This sweater is extremely neutral my goal was to make the look a bit bolder, which was done through adding a statement boot and accessorizing, something else I have been doing to make my looks feel more wholesome and complete. 



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Ashley S. Baylor is a Digital Content Creator who aims to inspire others through her affordable style and authentic lifestyle. Welcome to her creative space, where all the magic happens.

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