I Finally Thrifted The Perfect Mom Jeans


Hey loves! This month has been insane but I am back and better than ever! I am one of those shoppers who enjoys thrifting, yet I can never find bottoms. The last time I went thrifting I ended up mostly buying oversized mens button downs, as always. But this time I decided to push my luck and buy another pair of mom jeans that I was almost certain would not fit. I did not want to get my hopes up, so I allowed myself to believe they would be yet another thrifting fail. To my surprise, they actually fit and let’s just say I was all smiles and could not stop looking at myself in the mirror! You guys know how much I love high waisted jeans and these ones are by far, the highest waisted jeans I now own. I am obsessed and I need more ASAP!

Mom jeans remind me of 90s fashion, so I took that inspiration and paired them with this multi-printed Zara top I recently bought on sale, of course. This blouse was a little out of my typical style range, but I am constantly trying to push myself to experiment more. It worked in my favor because you guys LOVED this shirt when I posted it on Instagram and showered me with compliments! The gold chain print on this blouse really stood out to me and I wanted to incorporate the color in an accessory, so I wore this statement buckle belt to do so. As I stated in my most recent posts, I am really becoming a huge fan of belts, especially since I do not wear much jewelry these days and they help certain looks feel wholesome. With wearing this dark wash denim, I had to wear my tan booties with them. They also complemented the gold chain print in my blouse extremely well, carrying this look from head to toe. Will I continue to push myself to wear more prints and colors to elevate my style? Stay tuned for future posts and make sure you subscribe to my blog to stay updated!


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