Personal Style Under Construction


Defining My Personal Style

My personal style is constantly evolving and I honestly struggle find the words to describe it at this point. Sometimes I feel extra girly and want to put on a cute heel but I have noticed that my style is becoming more “street”. My window shopping (or browser shopping I should say) now consists of chunky sneakers, bold prints and anything oversized. Right now I would define my style as chic casual comfort. I follow trends and the looks I create are based on everyday comfort.



The Comfort Zone

My style comfort zone consists of color blocking, graphic tees, ripped jeans, and bodysuits. I lean towards casual comfort, but as a blogger I struggle to find the balance between being too casual to the point where I no longer see any inspiration in my looks. Solids are my go-to, but they can come across as boring and basic.Β Β I love basics, but I don’t want to ever look basic.Β 

Under Construction

I now declare the state of my personal style as “under construction”. I often feel underwhelmed when looking at photos of myself because I could really elevate my style by adding more color and interest in my looks. For example, I am extremely minimal when it comes to accessorizing and that can definitely help take any look up a notch. While my style is under construction, I will be focused on finding style inspiration and pushing myself out of my comfort zone- accessorizing, mixing prints, wearing less neutrals, trying out different silhouettes, etc. While fashion has always been at the top of my priority list, I would love to integrate my style into more lifestyle content and maybe that will help relieve some of the pressure I put on myself to be more consistent.


My Vision

I envision my personal style being “eclectic streetstyle”. Streetstyle has become so mainstream, especially in the blogging/influencer field, so I find it even more important to be able to stand out from others. Prints and color are two things I feel like a lot of people avoid because they are sometimes bold and being able to mix them requires having a keen eye. As mentioned before in previous posts, my design aesthetic in undergrad consisted of me using as many prints and colors as possible. Throughout my fashion design journey I realized the girl I was designing for who the girl who I aspired to one day be- a woman who is not afraid to make a bold fashion statement and is the center of attention. I cannot wait to bring you all along with me on this style journey.

If you too are looking to re-vamp your style, here are my tips to getting started:

  1. Find the white space in your style- what is missing? What is maybe too much or needs refining?
  2. Find your vision- who or what is your muse?
  3. Use Instagram and Pinterest to find style and muse inspo. Use keywords to help refine your search so that it is not so overwhelming and is actually enjoyable.
  4. Gradually start replacing/adding pieces to your closet that will bring your vision to life.


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Meet the Author

Ashley S. Baylor is a Digital Content Creator who aims to inspire others through her affordable style and authentic lifestyle. Welcome to her creative space, where all the magic happens.

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