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I have finally made it to the Met steps and had the best time feeling like Blaire Waldorf. If you’re not a fan of Gossip Girl, you have no idea what that reference meant and you’re also missing out on one hell of a series. The neon trend made a comeback last season and I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon. With that being said, I am so here for it! If you have been following my fashion journey, you know I have been making a huge effort to make more statements with my looks. I am probably the biggest color-blocking fan you’ll ever meet and it is such a simple foundation to build any look. Another thing I have been exploring is textures and contrasting them. I love the juxtaposition between this ribbed top and faux leather dress. When transitioning from one season to the next, layering is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds, or should I say seasons. Nothing screams “New York streetstyle” more than wearing sneakers with a dress so I pushed myself even further out of my comfort zone, while also adding another trend this season, snakeskin print. As you can tell from my photos, I am not a frequent dress wearer and I did not choose the most ladylike poses (thank God for biker shorts). Blaire Waldorf would definitely not approve of wearing sneakers with a dress or my lack of sitting etiquette, but I could not be more proud of myself for experimenting. Here’s to pushing the boundaries and stepping out of my comfort zone! Of course this outfit was super affordable.

Get the Look:

Dress: Victoria’s Secret ($10 on sale)| similar here

Top: Nasty Gal ($25 on sale) | buy here for only $8!

Sneakers: Nordstrom Rack- Jeffrey Campbell brand ($44 on sale) | boot version here




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