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Styling Leopard Print



Animal print has been the longest lasting trend I have seen and I hope it never fades. It is such a fun and bold way to incorporate interest into your looks. My animal print of choice this time- leopard. When wearing a bold print, it is best to keep the styling simple. I wore a tan pencil skirt with a gold chain to match my gold sandals. There is no better duo than a red lip and animal print, so I carried that fierceness through with a bold lip and minimal eye makeup. If you are struggling to style leopard or you feel it is too bold a print for you, check out some inspiration boards I created below!


Leopard Print Outfit Inspo

Affordably Ashley

What to Wear on the Met Steps

I have finally made it to the Met steps and had the best time feeling like Blaire Waldorf. If you’re not a fan of Gossip Girl, you have no idea what that reference meant and you’re also missing out…

Authentically Ashley

On the Road to a Healthier Lifestyle

After having a mental breakdown and feeling the affects of my mental health on my physical health, I am making a decision to free myself from the “A” word and make my heath- mental, social, physical, spiritual and emotional,…

Authentically Ashley

Trusting Your Own Process

I wore this look to an interview and initially planned on writing about it, but the interview itself is what inspired this post. If there is one thing I have learned so far in 2019, it is to trust…

Affordably Ashley

Styling a $6 Plus Size Jumpsuit

On my post Realizing I am Mid-Size, I spoke about my struggle shopping as a “mid-size” woman and how I will be focusing more on mid-size fashion. I lucked up last season and bought this Forever 21 jumpsuit size…

Affordably Ashley

The Power of a Pop of Color

Spring has sprung, so you know what that means! A new season means new trends and a new opportunity for having fun with your wardrobe. This spring I plan on wearing bright colors and bold prints. I started by…

Affordably Ashley

Snakeskin Print Obsessed

As you can tell by the title, I have a new obsession with the most popular fashion trend we’ve seen transition from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer. Let’s just say if the snakeskin trend print never fades, I will not be…

Authentically Ashley

Crazy About Creating Content

As you can tell by the title, I have become a little crazy about creating content. When I first started my blog, it was a hobby and I wanted to share with everyone how you can be stylish with…

Affordably Ashley

How to Wear a Blazer in 2019

Blazers have gone from being a staple in business wear to being the new “it” item for streetstyle. In this case, I decided to mix both business and streetstyle for this interview look. Belts have ironically become my new…

Authentically Ashley

Thank You, Next

If there is anything that I have learned post-graduation and from Ariana Grande, it is to say “Thank you, next!” and move on. On social media, I recently expressed how happy I was that I was offered my very…

Authentically Ashley

Realizing I am “Mid-Size”

I have recently come to the conclusion that I am not quite plus size at most stores, yet I am larger that the average sizes. This has made shopping a bit difficult for me and I now see that…

Affordably Ashley

Fashionable Start to the New Year

Welcome to my first blog post of 2019! Looking back, I am somewhat pleased with my looks and posts from last year, but this year I vow to push my personal style even more and continue to step out…

Affordably Ashley

How to Wear Sweatpants

Sweats are a must for cold weather. Being comfortable and laid back does not mean you can’t be stylish while doing so! We are seeing sweatpants everywhere on social media, even from our favorite high-end brands.  Here is how…

Affordably Ashley

Styling A Bright Sweater

Bold-colored sweaters have been a hit this fall and I had add one to my wardrobe! As someone who is constantly trying to evolve her personal style, I do my best to hop on trends when they arise. Here…