What to wear for an Interview: Making a Fashionable First Impression

Trying to get my foot in the door of the fashion industry has taught me that first outfits are just as important as first impressions. In fact, they can make or break an outfit in my field. Going on interviews and getting complimented on my outfit right off the bat inspired me to give a guide on how to make a fashionable first impression, specifically when in the fashion industry. Months ago, I interviewed with a brand that is known for being casual and I was even urged by my professor to dress down. When looking at the other interviewees, I did realize I was a bit overdressed, but my mother always told me “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. That saying always stuck with me and now I see that as always, my mother was right. I always feel confident when interviewing because I know I put my best fashion foot forward and there is no such thing as “overdressed” when it comes to dressing appropriately for an interview.

Here are some outfit takeaways from previous interviews/career fairs I attended:

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Thanksgiving 2018 Fashion Trends

Every year, I have trouble finding holiday outfits. I find it easier to have certain pieces that are on trend and mixing them with basics. I personally find outfits by color blocking and adding pops of color to predominantly neutral looks. As you can see, I love turtleneck sweaters, but here are some other trends to incorporate into your Thanksgiving Slay:

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Chunky Knit Sweater: A Fall Staple

Sweater weather is finally here and nothing screams “sweater weather” more than a classic chunky knit! I love knit sweaters not only for comfort and warmth, but because they are so easy to style. They make a statement on their own so you don’t have to put much effort into styling them. Along with sweatshirts, they are my “grab and go” piece that I resort to when I am in a rush or simply do not feel like ripping my wardrobe apart to find an outfit.

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How to Revamp Your Style Without Spending Any Money

Sometimes, we grow bored with our wardrobe or struggle to find a personal style. If you believe you don’t have a personal style, you’re wrong! Everyone has a style and you’d be surprised by how many pieces you can mix and match in your wardrobe. We often feel like we need to buy a new outfit for every event or occasion, when we have it sitting right in our closet.

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Top Fall 2018 Fashion Trends: Go Bold or Go Home

Are you fall 2018 ready? A fashionista’s favorite season is here! Fall is the best season for fashion because the weather is not too hot and not too cold, which gives us a wide range of clothing options. This fall is all about bold prints, bold statements, and well, having a bold fashion sense. Catch eyes this fall by following some of the hottest trends:

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How Social Media Impacted My Decision To Further My Education

I always had a feeling that I would want to pursue more than just a bachelor’s degree. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stopping school once you obtain a Bachelor’s. In fact, I told myself that if I were offered a job post-graduation, I would hold off on continuing my education and going for my Master’s. I am a firm believer in the quote “Everything happens for a reason”.  Life post-graduation is no walk in the park, so I was confident in my decision to apply to grad schools and mentally prepare myself for it, especially after realizing that getting a job is harder than I ever thought. When I took a fashion journalism course last semester, I KNEW I found my niche. It came natural to me and after speaking to my professor who was a great supporter of my writing, I KNEW I wanted to pursue a career in fashion media. Starting my blog in 2015 and falling in love with the process and seeing blogging transform from a hobby to a passion were my main sources of motivation. I KNEW that I somehow had to make a transition from fashion design to a specialty that was more media-oriented.

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Moroccan Escape

Moroccan Escape is based on a fantasy vacation in the beautiful Morocco. It is inspired by the intricate details, such as mosaics and medallion motifs that are an essential aspect of traditional Moroccan architecture. Moroccan architecture is influenced by Islam, in which symbols are used instead of worship figures. Unique prints are created from these symbols and they are translated through the prints in the collection. The cool blues and warm tan color palette are reminiscent of the sandy beaches, where you can get a breath of fresh crisp air.  

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